Thank you so much for supporting Andrea in this journey. Your donation will be routed straight into a special needs trust fund. The account was established by the Denver law firm Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons to ensure full accountability and transparency. The money raised goes directly toward Andrea’s therapy, recovery and medical care – to guide Andrea back to her life. Each donation helps Andrea make another stride toward her goals of walking, living independently, and someday to returning to college and work.

See how your contribution helps:
$233 helps pay for one hour of therapy

$699 pays for a day of therapy
$2,097 covers a week of therapy

To make a contribution, go to the right side of this page. Simply press the “Donate” button to use PayPal, your  credit card, or your bank account. Donation checks should be made out to the “Andrea Briggs Special Needs Trust.”  To mail checks or donations, please email us via the contact page. We’ll give you the best address. Thank you!

Note: donations are not tax deductible.

Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference in Andrea’s recovery.

The road is long. The fight is hard. But this personal war can – and will – be won.

– Team Andrea