Best Moments – Feb. 3

A foot-plus snow dump in Denver made the van trek to Craig a bit too risky. So Andrea earns extra rest.

But as I was shoveling my walk, she called (using her mom’s phone) to ask a very important (and adorable) question: Was I mad that she was missing therapy today?

I told her I was not mad at all. I was glad that she was home, off the streets, safe. I mean, if any family is not going to chance bad roads, it’s the Briggs family.

Andrea listened to my answer in silence. Then she told me she loved me – and mentioned that she wants chicken for dinner tonight.

But I absolutely loved her question, and the fact that she felt compelled to make sure I was OK with her skipping a day.

Either I am a hardcore coach/dad or she is very dedicated to her comeback.

Both, I would say.



  1. Margaret Briggs

    Yes we agree….both are right Coach Lombardi!!! Much Luv M and P

  2. Such a sweet girl

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