Andrea (in my own words): A big thank you, and big news!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during my recovery. Your generous donations have really touched my heart and have really helped speed up my recovery too. I’m now able to walk with a walker all day, use some stairs, and even take some steps using no help at all. I’m working towards going back to school, so I have been listening to college lectures online and taking some notes. The topics I’ve chosen to focus on have been psychology and political science, therefore, my possible future may be that I’m a voice for people in my current situation.

In my definite future, I’m going to go stay in Omaha, Nebraska to live at a transitional housing program called QLI for a few months. QLI focuses on helping people with either brain or spinal cord injuries to be able to live independently again. I flew out there for a short day visit with and my parents and my step-mom. We first had a meeting with some people who may be my therapists then we got a tour of the campus, and it even reminded me of a college campus. I’ll be leaps and bounds further in my recovery when I complete the program. And when I’m finished, one of the program’s staff members will come to Denver with me and help me find an appropriate apartment.

I’m really excited about taking this next step, hopefully the final step in my recovery.


  1. That is amazing Andrea! Can’t wait to come visit you in Omaha! You continue to amaze me with your strength and determination. Love you so much! Miss you!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I’ve read the story of the devastating accident and tremendous recovery you’ve made, and continue to make! Wow, are you terrific! By writing this blog you are adding your voice to the community I call the ferocious thrivers. People who’ve had brain injuries or other whopping setbacks, yet beat the predictions for their recovery through resilience, courage, and fierce determination. I can tell that you have what it takes!

    Best of luck at the new program. I’ll be following your progress.
    Janet Cromer

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