Thus far at QLI

Hey everyone!

I’m almost one month into my independent-living program here at the QLI campus. I thought this would be a good time for an update.

Before I came to QLI, I was a little nervous about being away from home for so long from my friends and my family. But I remember the first day I came to QLI, the very first person I met when I was walking off the plane was my house coordinator, Jill, and she was very welcoming and made me feel right at home immediately. I got my own room here, and I got to decorate my room with my own pictures and bedding to make it my own. At the same time, it was kind of hard for me to put up the pictures of my friends and family back home. But I know when I see them again, they will be very proud of how far I have come.

Some of the things I’ve been doing for therapy here include Physical Therapy, and in that I’ve been using the Ekso Skeleton and the motorized elliptical, which both have been really building up my quads. 🙂

Another therapy I do here is Occupational Therapy, in which I restrain my left (more able) hand down with a gait-belt, so I’m forced to use my right hand again. My OT said scientists have found that by doing this, it will make your unable body part come back much faster.

And one other therapy I am taking here is Speech Therapy, and in this therapy I have signed up for an online (non-credit) class here at Metropolitan Community College, Writing Essentials!

I just would like to thank anyone who made coming to QLI possible for me. So far, I’m completely loving it.

I really blend in well with everyone here, and the staff is awesome! I really feel like this place is going to get me to all of my goals.





  1. So happy everything is going well there and you are enjoying it. Can’t wait to read the next update. Keep up all your hard work. We love you!
    Carly, Jason, Jackson and Kate

  2. We started this progress blog for Andrea – and for ourselves, and for all of you – in the very first hours of Andrea’s recovery. Many of you will recall that this website was born as a Care Page, a place to update you, and maybe as sort of a virtual gathering spot to help rally us at a moment this family truly needed arms for hugs, ears for listening, and warm words to fuel us onward. We will never forget all of you who stood with us, and still do.

    Now, this blog is fully Andrea’s journal. She has taken over the writing, the headlines, the videos – everything. I am so thankful she has arrived here. I am so immensely proud of my daughter. Through so many months and miles, she has scrapped, toiled and inched her way forward. She is gaining ground with a ready laugh and a ferocious spirit. This now is a young woman’s diary of healing, a tale of her one-way ticket back to the life she once commanded with giant dreams and a joyful soundtrack.

    I cannot yet imagine what Andrea will share. But I believe many wonderful, personal dispatches will follow – like the continuing revival of her foot steps, and like her momentary hesitation to hang pictures of the people she is missing as she is far away, doing the most important work of her life. This much I know: The best writing is yet to come.

  3. Wonderful update! Our family continues to follow your story and cheer you from afar. Son, Grant, was at Craig Hospital at the same time as you and has returned to CU in Boulder. He enjoys hearing of your progress and it continues to inspire all of us. It is a long journey – always know there are a lot of people cheering you and we wish you the very best!

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