Adventures Soon To Come!

I plan to do exactly that!

Hey there!

So I’ve just basically been really busy out here, but let me fill you guys in on a couple of the new things I’m doing.

First and foremost, I’m walking with my cane a heck of a lot now. I have also increased my independence because I’m using a motorized scooter now. I do not have to have anyone push me to a therapy anymore, I just get on my scooter, take my cane with me, and leave by myself. I only use the motorized scooter when I’m off campus or going a really long distance to a therapy, but right when I get inside of the building, I park my scooter and I walk with the cane to my therapy.

I’ve even decreased the amount of time I spend doing my constraint induced therapies (to help revive my right hand and arm). It used to take me 35 minutes to eat my meals with just my right hand, and now it only takes me about 10-15 minutes.

A couple weekends ago, a staff member and I watched and practiced a pilates video together. I really enjoyed doing it, except I refused to roll around on the ground like a seal…working too hard on my walking for that nonsense! In my speech therapy, we’re even talking about signing up for an online actual credit class in the very near future.

The place and people are amazing. In my room, I have a white board near the door. Each member of the house staff has taken a second to jot down something fun. To me, that board represents the warmth and love I feel here.

QLI loves me, and I it. The staff here says I'm "sassy." Ha ha.


I saved the best news for last. This December – early-mid-late, I do not know – but this December, we’re talking about having me move into a simulation apartment on campus. What that entails is I will basically be living on my own, have my own shower, be making my own meals, be in charge of getting out of the apartment on time for my therapies, but there will still be staff in the building/a call button I can press so I can have one of them come help me.

I would just like to thank everyone for following my story and keeping up with my progress. I’m looking forward to the next update I have for you guys!





  1. What a beautiful post, honey! Even though I miss having you at home, I can’t think of a better place and more caring people to have you continue this journey with! I can’t wait to see the progress you’ve made! See you tomorrow!
    Love always,
    Your mom

  2. Andrea,
    Such awesome news!!! So happy you are loving it there and doing so well. You are an amazingly strong lady! Keep being sassy! 😉
    Love you so much!
    Big Hugs!
    Love, Carly

  3. This is so great! Your strength is inspiring.

  4. Mike Rudeen

    This is very exciting news. Keep it up!


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