Independence For Me: It’s a Date!

QLI Thanksgiving!


Hey there!

Lately I’ve been really busy. I’ve been working my butt off, (8-5 everyday) :), and making a ton of progress. And I have some really exciting news!

This December, December 2 to be exact, my team here thinks I will be ready to move into a simulation apartment. When I move into the apartment, I will have my own kitchen so I can have my own food in the fridge and cabinets. I will be preparing my own meals (again) and, if I have any visitors, I can prepare them a meal. I also will have my own shower in the apartment (not a community shower anymore, thank god).

I went for a visit to see a possible apartment to move into last week, and I already have some ideas on how I will have it organized, how I will decorate it to make it my own, and how I will have it set up so it works best for me.

The first couple of weeks I will have some staff members provide me with some assistance to help me problem solve through some things. But they said after a couple of weeks, they’re going to back away slowly. I will still be able to call them if I get into a pickle though. I’m really looking forward to this next step of having my own space again. I feel this will really help prepare me for life after QLI, too. 

Well, I just wanted to fill everyone in on the big news! I feel my next update will be filled with some more great news about moving to the apartment, as well as an update on how I’m doing and feeling, of course.

I will catch all of you when my adventures in the apartment soon begin!






  1. Fantastic news Andrea! Great job. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mike Rudeen

    This is great news and a tribute to your incredible efforts. Onward!

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