Moving On Up!

Bazinga! Welcome to my new place!!


Hey guys! I’ve just been busy as heck for the past month because I finally moved into the Q.L.I. simulation apartment on December 2nd!

I’m just really loving it here because it’s a lot bigger and wayyyyyy quieter. I’m also really loving the fact that I have my own shower again and I don’t have to share with the entire house anymore! 


The bedroom area of my new studio apartment. On the wall, that's a painting I just completed, titled "Life" -- something I cherish every day.


The staff and I have been problem solving the set-up of my new digs to make things easier for me to access throughout my day. I’m going to continue to work on preparing my own meals as well as keeping up with my dishes and keeping my apartment clean. I’m gaining a lot more independence with filling my down time. I’m actually doing a lot more stuff by myself by getting around with my walker, and the staff is just popping in occasionally to check on me.

I think this apartment is really the perfect step for me for life after Q.L.I. I feel like this apartment is a really great tool for me because it’s building up my confidence that I can live on my own again! 


What's a girl to do without her TV - and photos of her loved ones? ... And flowers? 🙂

Love my kitchen!













Well, I just wanted to fill everyone in on my exciting news! I’ll be checking in with some more great news, I’m sure, in a little while. Thank you all for keeping up with my progress!




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