My First College Class … Again :)

Well folks, I just completed my first on-campus college course in three years. Granted, it wasn’t a walk in the park for me with some of my challenges that I have now, but on the other hand, what an experience. I learned how to excel in a classroom again, how to work with my professor, how to work with the other students, and nonetheless I learned a thing or two about the great philosophers Socrates and Plato, among others. 🙂 I would have found this to be a challenging class before everything. My final test included concepts like postmodernism, the moral argument for the existence of God, and Euthyphro’s dilemma. What an experience, I must say.

My goal for this semester was not to focus too much on my grades; rather, I was there basically to learn how to learn again. I feel I totally accomplished that part of the goal. But being my perfectionist self, it took me a couple of months to finally not let the grades define this class experience for me. I don’t yet know my final grade, but as of this morning I was sitting at a high C. And I must say, after being through all I have been through, that looks pretty darn great to me.

I’ve gained so much out of this experience: the knowledge of how to carry myself in a classroom setting again; how to collaborate with my classmates and my professor; and I regained some confidence when it comes to going to college again.

If I could thank anyone for making my first college class back go so well — after dealing with 3 years of hospitals and rehabs following an awful car accident — I first would like to thank my wonderful and willing-to-work-with-me professor. I also want to thank my classmates including my note-taker, and all of you guys for your immense support. So thank you!


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  1. Congratulations Andrea! What am awesome achievement! So happy for you. Love you! Carly

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