Thousands of people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year. We know that with hard work and therapy, people with TBIs can recover fully. We have received many calls and emails from people in Andrea’s situation telling us about how they recovered and that Andrea can, too. Click here to read and see stories of these amazing people.

Charlotte Martinez, a 14-year survivor of a severe TBI:

I was the same age as Andrea when I was involved in a near fatal car accident.  So I have great confidence if I could overcome such a terrible injury, she can too.  However, I know overcoming a head injury cannot be done without the help of intense therapies. Physical, occupational and speech therapy all helped me become a full functioning individual again. Had I not received the therapy I had for as long as I did (approx. 3 yrs.), I am afraid I would not have been able to return to college, go on to graduate school, work, marry and raise two beautiful children.

Therapy offers the best hope of recovery.  Hope that we as individuals with head injuries could return to living independently in society. Therapy, simply put, is essential to living a healthy, productive life for one who has sustained a life changing head injury.

Please know when you give to Andrea’s fund you are not just giving your money to aid in her recovery, but you are blessing her with something more powerful, hope.


Kendell’s Recovery


“From my days in rehab at Baylor in Dallas, through to my last days at Project Walk and the transition back home to training with Travis…this video shows my journey of recovery…and what led me to bring Project Walk back to Dallas.”