We Need Your Help

Team Andrea still needs your help.

Insurance covers only a tiny fraction of the therapies Andrea needs to continue her recovery. It’s also vital to know that people with brain injuries can and do fully recover with the proper, targeted assistance. Any donation you can provide will help Andrea meet her goals of walking again, working again, and repaying the love she has received to date. You are making a real difference.

Andrea has embarked on yet another chapter in her comeback: college on campus. She successfully completed her first class, philosophy, earning a B. At the same time, she continues devoting numerous hours each week to rehabbing her body in Craig Hospital ‘s PEAK Center gym, at home, and at an equine center where she rides a horse to rebuild her balance.

The prices: $79 per hour at the gym and $60 per hour for equine therapy. At minimum, that’s $600 per month or $140 per week. More gym hours and more riding hours each week would be welcome. Insurance, however, does not cover any of those crucial therapies.

But Andrea remains determined to restore her mobility and regain more use of her right hand and right arm as she simultaneously steps back into life as an independent young woman. To date, your donations have helped Andrea and her family close a giant financial divide. And we offer a heartfelt thank you for those contributions.